Our blend

Our coffee is prepared with blends of beans of different varieties and origins, processed with the washed method: after harvesting the fruits are depulped, demucilaged, washed and then dried. They are stripped through machines, then placed in tanks containing water to remove the mucilage through processing.
These washed coffees have high quality organoleptic characteristics.

They come from BRAZIL, COLOMBIA, COSTA RICA, IVORY COAST, GUATEMALA, KENYA, INDONESIA, the majority belonging to the Arabica and Robusta species, dosed in the right quantity to obtain a quality coffee.

The mixing takes place before and not after roasting, a more complex and demanding operation, but the only one that gives the coffee a balanced and constant taste over time. But for maximum quality in the cup, roasting is just as important as the raw material. Here, the roasting process is precisely controlled, aiming for small temperature gradients across the bean. The control of this process is a particularly crucial and decisive aspect for the excellence of the toasted product.

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